Day 14 of the 4-Week Challenge

Weird how sometimes after a day of modest meals you creep up but a fairly large dinner…and down she drops.

181.28 lbs which is fine by me. Another day of resisting temptation. An afternoon tea with so many cakes, sweets, chocolates etc. Enough to make you cry.

My main areas of concern are the amount of water I don’t drink and the amount of caffeinated soft drinks I do drink. But I guess with the somewhat constant decrease in weight, this is a hard one. I hate water and a coke zero is my main pleasure during the day. I don’t smoke and drink rarely, so this is my vice.

Anyhoo. Tomorrow is cheat day and I am getting the same sense of anticipation and caution as last week. It actually feels like cheating when the day is there a number of reasons, not the least of which is to protect my sanity.

I am planning to post some updated photos and measurements this weekend to see if there is some discernible difference to the camera’s unlying eye. Let me know what you think when I do. And no, I am not waxing or fake tanning just to please  people. You know who you are…


Day 13 of the 4-Week Challenge

Nothing special to report.

183.26 lbs. Creeping up a wee bit.  Why? Dunno. Maybe I need to cheat more often : )

I will struggle though tomorrow and then ease up on Sat.

Day 12 of the 4-Week Challenge

Okay, I will own up to it. Last night I ate a whole chicken.

I am pretty sure it was a small chicken, but the end result is a slight increase in poundage, 182.38, which is not significant I think. Today’s intake will probably compensate. There may have been stuffin involved in the chicken, but not more than two mouthfuls. Surely a technicality…

Thanks to Chris for mentioning the starchy properties of corn. I will drop this off my veggie list and go back to the green beans or mixed veggies.

This week is going pretty quickly, only two full days before my cheat day. I gots me some plans for BBQ shapes! I shouldn’t be so excited about the cheat day, but I don’t have any meaningful hobbies, so…

Day 11 of the 4-Week Challenge

Can you say 181.94 lbs? I did. At least I did this morning…

It has been a stressful day or so. I may have even dropped the caloric intake due to the demands of the last 48 hrs. But I am still on the good stuff and hope to crack my target well before the 4 weeks.

Nothing exciting to add, at least nothing relevant to the major themes on this blog. I am planning to take some measurements and perhaps new photos at the 14 daymark.

Day 9 of the 4-Week Challenge

Now, this is what I like to see. A day of bad food munchin’ and a net decrease in weight. Today 182.82 lbs.

Wasn’t too hard to resume the usual routine and I spent most of the evening preparing the beefy, beany stew and the lentils. Grabbed some more tins of mixed beans, re-fried beans etc also another packet of frozen green beans. Should keep me going till pay day.

The wife felt compelled to return to the Mexican restaurant for more tacos, although I couldn’t help her this time. Crazy pregnant chicks…

I am gonna pack some gym clothes this week and get at least one gym session in. I know once I start up and feel that soreness, it gets me eager for more. Some people hate DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), however I have always enjoyed the sensation. It makes me feel like I have some muscle; you can feel bits you haven’t felt for a while and it feels good to stretch it out.

If we take this morning’s weigh-in, then since I began, I have dropped almost 7.5 lbs. Something is obviously working. I would hate to see what happens when I actually throw in some regular cardio…

My interim target is about 176 lbs. From that point, I will be really trying to maintain the weight or even increase it with the focus on shifting the lean tissue/fat ratio. 10% body fat would be an excellent place to be, but in 4 weeks? I don’t think so. Maybe 6 months ….

Day 8 of the 4-Week Challenge

O God. Bucket. Now…

After a stellar scales session at 183.26 lbs, I decided to cheat in style. So here is a list of the delightful array of foods I have sampled this fine Saturday:

  • A Croissant with jam
  • Mars bars
  • Fanta
  • A Taco
  • A honey nougat bar
  • Most of a large bag of potato chips (salt & vinegar of course)
  • A bag of M & Ms
  • Most of a large pizza

Now, whether or not the above is going to assist my metabolism or down-regulate my whatever, I am pretty much over junk-food (at least right now), so I am pretty optimistic about resisting the urge for the next few days.

I was also chuffed about breaking the mini plateau of the last three days. I reckon the smaller dinner size does assist. I am prob gonna go weigh myself before bed, just to see what short term effect the above foods have had.

This week has also given me a rough idea of how much I can lose in a week, so with some luck I should crack the 180 lbs mark by next cheat session.

Day 7 of the 4-Week Challenge

Well, I’ve made it through one week. Which is good. The scales are stuck on 184.8 lbs. Which is bad. Not bad, really just frustrating.

Tomorrow is my cheat day, so it remains to be seen whether my week of progress will be undone in one fell swoop. I am torn between the strategy of eating enough carby/fatty food to boost the metabolism and Tim’s idea of eating so much junk that I get sick of it enough to spend another week on the program. We will see.

Today I have cut some calories, so that should impact tomorrow’s weigh in. I need to start getting active soon, I think that will provide some additional motivation.

Tomorrow’s entry may contain coarse language and sexual themes involving delicious foods, so I apologise in advance.