Day 2 of the 4-Week Challenge

Apart from a sore throat and general feelings of bleh caused by the ubiquitous cold that is going around, I am feeling OK. Being a Sunday, I generally try to sleep in to 9:30 or so.

Now, even before this challenge, I was in the habit of checking the scales, so upon waking and after the usual morning ablutions, I jumped on my you-beaut scales and scored a 187 lbs (85.0kg). This is a reduction of 3.3 lbs from yesterday, which is a pretty good sign! I doubt this will continue for long as I suspect this is mostly fluid loss, but still it is good to start with a nice drop.

One of the realities that sinks in when attempting such a challenge is the need to be well organised. I have figured out that I pretty much need to grill some chicken or beef the night before so I can pack it for lunch with the microwavable veggies and beans/lentils. I am also struggling with the breakfast component. Historically, I have never been much for breakfast, always feeling slightly nauseated in the mornings (no, not pregnant despite the photos suggesting otherwise). I usually have a diet soda which tides me over till lunch, but this is going to have to change. The idea of some microwaved veggies or beans is a bit disconcerting before mid-morning, so I may experiment with some scrambled eggs/egg whites.

Not having as much water as I should, so as soon as I jump offline, I will fill up a water bottle and carry it around for a few hours to try to get a couple of litres in.


2 Responses

  1. Holy 3.3lbs after your first day! That is a good sign!

    You might want to try my breakfast of optimum slim cereal, and cottage cheese. It’s not exactly on the slow carb plan, but it is a VERY healthy breakfast and I don’t feel guilty at all about it.

    It’s really important to eat breakfast as soon as you can. Your metabolism is like a camp fire. After sitting dormant all night you have to throw some logs on it in the morning to get it going again. You generally want to try to eat every 3 hours or so to keep the fire going. With an active metabolism it’s amazing how much food you can eat and still be losing weight. I believe this is truly the secret to weight loss.


  2. Yeah, breakfast has always been a challenge. But I certainly agree with you about kickstarting the metabolism. I just need the right food I think (within the accepted parameters) to ease into brekky, otherwise I just gag. I might have to pick up some cottage cheese and give it a go.

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