Day 3 of the 4-Week Challenge

Another day closer to leany-goodness. I can’t believe my wife made delicious cheesy nachos for dinner and she is gorging on jelly snakes. I guess when you are pregnant you can do what you want.

Not me, though. A small steak, some re-fried beans and microwaved green beans/corn. And a stick of gum. And water.

Four days till cheat day. Yep….

Anyway, morning weigh-in was, as expected, less dramatic today, with a score of 186.5 lbs. The fancy scales are telling me that I have 20% body fat, a little bit higher than my target of 10-11%. Decent night’s sleep, although a bit heavy in the head during the afternoon, most likely due to the lingering cold.

I am noticing a certain sensation in my stomach, which happens whenever I cut starchy foods. A strange sense, not of hunger, but one that I know would be satisfied by sugary, carby & fatty foods. It doesn’t bother me as such. Another side effect is from the legumes and beans. Let’s say that my wife’s actions of flaunting evil food in front of me is not going unanswered.

At this point I might throw in a bit of history. For most of my twenties, I weighed about 210 lbs, although this did get up to about 225 lbs one year. Last year I had the opportunity to work overseas for a few months and the nature of the work was conducive to weight loss, as was the climate. As a result, I dropped down to 180 lbs in less that four months. Now, about a year later, I was possibly creeping up again, but that was until the commencement of my 4 WEEK CHALLENGE!

One thing about losing weight in that fashion that bugged me was the loss of strength. At my strongest, I could press 220 lbs, which is not a huge amount, but now? I would be lucky to budge 150 lbs. It would be fantastic to strip off the chub and get a bit of strength back, that’s for sure. Once I get though this month, I will ramp up the weights in earnest and get some decent cardio in.


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