Day 5 of the 4-Week Challenge

Mein Gott!!

My wife is threatening to send me to the couch due to the noxious fumes emanating from my arse. 5 straight days of beans & lentils means mega poots. I am really hoping this settles down soon, as the beans are a pretty important part of the diet at this stage and I want to stay married. And beside, there is a certain stage when you cease being proud and start feeling really embarrassed about the wafts from under the blankets.

But enough of that. Weigh in for day 5 results in 184.8 lbs.

Getting pretty sick of microwaved vegetables. Thank god for that tin of peas and carrots in the pantry. Still fantasising about Saturday when I may cheat to my heart’s content. I am pretty sure the whole day will be planned like a trip to a theme park, with dishes instead of rides. Bread, cakes, chips, burgers, pizza, chocolate, lollies, mwaahahahaha!

Realistically, though I will try to restrain my natural inclination to gorge too much.


2 Responses

  1. For some reason I haven’t been any more gassy than usual on this diet. And I know what you’re thinking … no, I’m not usually crazy gassy or anything. I have mostly been eating chick peas and fava beans. Maybe those will bring some relief to your poor wife.


  2. I secretly suspect the coke zero…

    I still haven’t brought that variable under control.

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