Day 7 of the 4-Week Challenge

Well, I’ve made it through one week. Which is good. The scales are stuck on 184.8 lbs. Which is bad. Not bad, really just frustrating.

Tomorrow is my cheat day, so it remains to be seen whether my week of progress will be undone in one fell swoop. I am torn between the strategy of eating enough carby/fatty food to boost the metabolism and Tim’s idea of eating so much junk that I get sick of it enough to spend another week on the program. We will see.

Today I have cut some calories, so that should impact tomorrow’s weigh in. I need to start getting active soon, I think that will provide some additional motivation.

Tomorrow’s entry may contain coarse language and sexual themes involving delicious foods, so I apologise in advance.


One Response

  1. Keep it up! Don’t forget that the scale is not always the best indicator of fat loss. If you’ve been working out, too, you may have gained muscle. Good luck!


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