Day 8 of the 4-Week Challenge

O God. Bucket. Now…

After a stellar scales session at 183.26 lbs, I decided to cheat in style. So here is a list of the delightful array of foods I have sampled this fine Saturday:

  • A Croissant with jam
  • Mars bars
  • Fanta
  • A Taco
  • A honey nougat bar
  • Most of a large bag of potato chips (salt & vinegar of course)
  • A bag of M & Ms
  • Most of a large pizza

Now, whether or not the above is going to assist my metabolism or down-regulate my whatever, I am pretty much over junk-food (at least right now), so I am pretty optimistic about resisting the urge for the next few days.

I was also chuffed about breaking the mini plateau of the last three days. I reckon the smaller dinner size does assist. I am prob gonna go weigh myself before bed, just to see what short term effect the above foods have had.

This week has also given me a rough idea of how much I can lose in a week, so with some luck I should crack the 180 lbs mark by next cheat session.


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