Day 9 of the 4-Week Challenge

Now, this is what I like to see. A day of bad food munchin’ and a net decrease in weight. Today 182.82 lbs.

Wasn’t too hard to resume the usual routine and I spent most of the evening preparing the beefy, beany stew and the lentils. Grabbed some more tins of mixed beans, re-fried beans etc also another packet of frozen green beans. Should keep me going till pay day.

The wife felt compelled to return to the Mexican restaurant for more tacos, although I couldn’t help her this time. Crazy pregnant chicks…

I am gonna pack some gym clothes this week and get at least one gym session in. I know once I start up and feel that soreness, it gets me eager for more. Some people hate DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), however I have always enjoyed the sensation. It makes me feel like I have some muscle; you can feel bits you haven’t felt for a while and it feels good to stretch it out.

If we take this morning’s weigh-in, then since I began, I have dropped almost 7.5 lbs. Something is obviously working. I would hate to see what happens when I actually throw in some regular cardio…

My interim target is about 176 lbs. From that point, I will be really trying to maintain the weight or even increase it with the focus on shifting the lean tissue/fat ratio. 10% body fat would be an excellent place to be, but in 4 weeks? I don’t think so. Maybe 6 months ….


2 Responses

  1. Congrats!!! I’ve worked through several similar lifestyle changes over the years, but me EX-wife would always convince me to stop after I got more sexy than she…LOL.

    My new wife is very encouraging and today is Day 1 for me. If I can get past the first week without killing anyone for eating a candybar within my office, I’ll be ok.

    Good luck and I’m looking forward to tracking our progress.


  2. Yes, I’ve found that partners can be jealous of success, and my wife is convinced that any weight I lose, is directly absorbed by her to maintain a net weight balance between us. She has been described, quite rightly, as a little odd.

    Keep the candy bars till your cheat day, if that is how you are doing it. It is a nice idea to go to crazy-town on the junk food one day a week and still make progress. I am already looking forward to next Saturday and have a few items planned that I didn’t stuff in last weekend. So, you have that excitement plus the great feeling when you drop a pound or two. I reckon I look a bit slinkier too, however traditionally, I have always carried my weight well (particularly under clothes). Damn my brawny frame! *cough*

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