Day 11 of the 4-Week Challenge

Can you say 181.94 lbs? I did. At least I did this morning…

It has been a stressful day or so. I may have even dropped the caloric intake due to the demands of the last 48 hrs. But I am still on the good stuff and hope to crack my target well before the 4 weeks.

Nothing exciting to add, at least nothing relevant to the major themes on this blog. I am planning to take some measurements and perhaps new photos at the 14 daymark.


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  1. Hey, one thing I wanted to mention to you is the corn. In the past, on similar lifestyle diets, corn has been considered a serious no-no. It’s very high in sugar and startch and considered a white veggie by most people.

    Day one was rough for me, as it always is on an eating change. Last night I made a glass of lemonade with enough Spenda to sink an aircraft carrier, hoping to curb my sugar cravings. It satisfied me enough to get to sleep. Today was a lot easier. In fact, I didn’t eat breakfast due to time constraints and I’ve just now found time for lunch (2 PM). I know I need to keep the meals consistent in time spread, but sometimes that’s not feasible.

    Keep dropping them pounds!

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