Day 13 of the 4-Week Challenge

Nothing special to report.

183.26 lbs. Creeping up a wee bit.  Why? Dunno. Maybe I need to cheat more often : )

I will struggle though tomorrow and then ease up on Sat.


2 Responses

  1. Questions about the slow down…
    1) How much water are you drinking? If less than a 1/2 gallon a day, increase to at least that. I hate water, but I commit myself to drink at least a full gallon a day. It aids in flushing the fat and other crap from your body. It makes your hair and skin healthy, etc. Diet soda (I love the new Coke Zero, as does my wife), is not a substitue, nor is Crystal Lite.
    2) What time of day are you eating?
    3) How much sleep are you getting?


  2. Weeell, water has always been a problem. I have been drinking so much acidic soda drinks for so long (mostly coke zero now) that water tastes really bitter. This is definitely an area of development.

    Also, I must confess my meals aren’t turing out to be as regular or as frequest as I planned. No 4 meal days here.

    Sleep is not usually a problem at the moment, although this is going to change in about 5 months..

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