Day 14 of the 4-Week Challenge

Weird how sometimes after a day of modest meals you creep up but a fairly large dinner…and down she drops.

181.28 lbs which is fine by me. Another day of resisting temptation. An afternoon tea with so many cakes, sweets, chocolates etc. Enough to make you cry.

My main areas of concern are the amount of water I don’t drink and the amount of caffeinated soft drinks I do drink. But I guess with the somewhat constant decrease in weight, this is a hard one. I hate water and a coke zero is my main pleasure during the day. I don’t smoke and drink rarely, so this is my vice.

Anyhoo. Tomorrow is cheat day and I am getting the same sense of anticipation and caution as last week. It actually feels like cheating when the day is there a number of reasons, not the least of which is to protect my sanity.

I am planning to post some updated photos and measurements this weekend to see if there is some discernible difference to the camera’s unlying eye. Let me know what you think when I do. And no, I am not waxing or fake tanning just to please  people. You know who you are…


One Response

  1. Going on about the water thing… I have NEVER been a water drinking (thanks, Mom, for that habit). I make my kids drink it, while I sip on a frosty Zero. I’ve found if I have it to the point of freezing, with a sqeeze of lemon or lime in the bottle, I can tolerate it better.

    I’m actually using day 6 as my cheat day, not because I can’t make it, but because I’m carrying my wife and my kids to a theme park tomorrow and I seriously doubt they have a protein, veggie and beans at the $20 burger stands. I am packing some things that aren’t too terrible for me for the drive, and althought I know it’s a cheat day, I am very cognizant of my addiction to sugar and carbs. I’ve pretty much cleansed my body of them at this point, but I know the day after cheat-day will be much like a hangover and I’m already dreading it to the point of wondering if the benefits will outweigh the consequenses (I already know the answer is yes).

    Keep charging!


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