Day 17 of the 4-Week Challenge

A few days without entries, but I’ve been pretty consistent up till now, so forgive me.

Cheat day went well. Made myself sick on nachos (so cheesy!)  a 250g block of chocolate, BBQ shapes, a gourmet burger, and some odd chocolate bars. A nice effort all round.

Yesterday was light on the intake, probably directly as a result of Sat, and I had to work most of the evening, so nothing significant to report.

Today’s weigh-in however, is a personal best since starting the challenge. 180.18 lbs. Another 2 lbs and I will be the lightest since I was 18. Weird.

Some of my clothes, especially the shirts are a bit baggy around the waist, but there is plenty of residual chub around the kidneys and arse. Didn’t have time for photos this weekend, but I will try to get some soon.


One Response

  1. Yikes! My cheat day actually turned into a day and 1/2. It wasn’t until afternoon in the themepark that I finally ate something bad (burger and fries). It was SOOO hot that I didn’t have much of an appetite. Later I found out that I had missed the turkey leg stand, which would have been MUCH healthier. Yesterday was my step-son’s birthday party and I grilled 50 hot dogs, of which I ate 2 plus cake (LOT’S of CAKE)!

    I pray I can stay on track this week!


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