Day 20 of the 4-Week Challenge

179.3 lbs for today and yesterday.

Yesterday involved a wee bit of unscheduled carbs and sugary foods. I blame the missus, but it takes two to tango. Some nice bread and meringue for lunch. Despite this, the scales were kind and as penance, today I made my first visit to the gym in several months.

 A 20 min session of intervals on the treadmill, very sedate, although I notice this evening the old hip is a bit inflammed. I hate this getting old shit. I swear I have bursitis and I am supposed to be almost in my prime .

Following the cardio, an introductory session of weights, with a keen focus on not crying at how much strength I have lost in the last year. The session included:

  • 3 sets of incline flys with 22lbs dumbells;
  • 3 sets of lat pulldows (about 90-100 lbs) on the machine (I have to use a relatively close, inwards facing grip to minimise elbow grindage);
  • 3 sets of seated, slightly reclined, alternate dumbell curls with 22 lbs dumbells;
  • 3 sets of tricep pushdowns (60-70 lbs), and
  • 3 sets of lateral raises with 22 lbs dumbells.

Therefore, some basic upper body exercises. I generally refuse to do lower body exercises due to my leg bulk, and I only have so much time for the gym at lunch. I have a swiss ball at home for some basic abs exercises.

Dinner was some baked chicken with dukka spices, green beans and refried beans with a touch of salsa.  Definately looking skinnier, however at the expense of beefcake. Gym mirrors suggest a lack of lat width to support shoulder width and my neck is far to delicate for such a potato head.


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