Day 23 of the 4-Week Challenge

Well yesterday was a stellar binge even by my standards.

Two quarter pounders, fries, two large bowls of the most oily pasta I have ever made and plenty of chocolate and biscuits and lollies in between.

Result – Happy to avoid junk today, but weight jumped up to  183.26 lbs.

This week coming: ramping up the cardio slowly on the treadmill to get some decent intervals happening. Should be a standard of 20 mins with 30 sec sprint and 90 sec recovery. I will try to make at least three days this week. I should probably not rush this however remembering how my hip tends to respond.

I may defer more weights until later in the week until my tendons and muscle soreness diminish. I love the feeling, but not for too long. Very tender tendons in my elbow where the bicep inserts. But easing up nicely.

This is the last week of the challenge and the Mrs is asking what is going to happen after next Saturday. At this point I anticipate continuing on in some fashion and experimenting to reduce fat, but perhaps re-building a solid muscle base. We will see.

I kind of like the binge day, although I wonder if I take it too far…



2 Responses

  1. Good going… I will be starting my Day 1 today…I’ve been following your blog

    Thanks for the insights

  2. So what was your final result?

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