Another meaningless day

Wife in the hospital.

Visiting is bittersweet as the damn place is depressing as hell, but at least I get to see her and she is in the safest place if things move to a head. Home is lonely and comforting at the same time. I would hate to see me as a bachelor now. Messy business. 27 weeks is too early.

Weigh in 190.08 lbs. Today was stew, steak, cauliflower and broccoli, an apple, some muesli bars. Some stray chocolate my wife fed me.   It will be a great  relief when the boys arrive and we can face a different set of challenges. BTW, too much red wine, but don’t tell the missus, she thinks I am a latent alcoholic anyway.

I have no concept of how things will change. I really don’t think I have grasped how different things will be and  what I will be gaining and losing.


Enter the flagon!

Still drinking coke by the bucket load.  I really hope diet drinks don’t give me cancer or diabetes or kidney stones or some crap like that. I might have to get into some class action.

Anyway, tonight we are on 190.96 lbs. A light eating day, mainly stews. Not much in the way of physical action, I plan some gym work tomorrow, although the beautiful wife in back in hospital tonight for monitoring. Poor little lassie.

Some red wine to drown my sorrows, so random stumbling to distract my brain. Be excellent to your wives. (I myself have many…)

Back into it, Suckerrr!

I wish I was being 100% honest when I say that, when I was not diligently recording my progress, I was gaining massive amounts of muscle and shedding body fat much the way microwaved bacon does.

The fact is, I was within spitting distance of the end of the four week challenge and then got complacent, lost motivation and lost a wee bit of control. So here we are back again, with me recognising the value of dutifully recording my progress, which in retrospect was a good way, if not fool-proof, of reinforcing the behaviours I was seeking.

So a quick summary of the status quo. Currently 194 lbs (up from 179.3 lbs on day 20 of my challenge.) 4 lbs heavier than when I started the challenge.  Doesn’t sound too good.

I should mention that some of that is muscle developed since my last post, with a few strength gains in the chest and back and shoulders. As I recall, I wasn’t doing too much weights during the challenge. So rather than being a total disaster, I have built a bit of strength and proven that over 3 weeks, even without much in the way of cardio and weight training, I can shed almost 12 lbs.

So. From now on, daily reports. Although if my wife goes into labour in the next few weeks, that might prove a minor distraction. I won’t box myself into a rigid time-frame, on this occasion and will try to follow the rules below:

  • Daily reporting on the blog;
  • Low carb, high protein meals;
  • Extra water – 2 litres;
  • No crap food unless it be the cheat day;
  • Cheat days are not to be abused as a goddammed crazy motherf@$king bingefest which makes my work colleagues think I have an eating disorder, just a sensible controlled reward;
  • Twice weekly gym sessions (interval cardio and weights), and
  • Supplement exercise with evening and weekend activities (currently inspired by – at a purely visceral level of course)

Ok. That’s it for now. Tomorrow morning, the weigh in and maybe a protein shake (soy isolate, milk & a tiny bit o’ choc topping). Stew for lunch, beefy & hearty and definitely no carbs after 4pm.