Back into it, Suckerrr!

I wish I was being 100% honest when I say that, when I was not diligently recording my progress, I was gaining massive amounts of muscle and shedding body fat much the way microwaved bacon does.

The fact is, I was within spitting distance of the end of the four week challenge and then got complacent, lost motivation and lost a wee bit of control. So here we are back again, with me recognising the value of dutifully recording my progress, which in retrospect was a good way, if not fool-proof, of reinforcing the behaviours I was seeking.

So a quick summary of the status quo. Currently 194 lbs (up from 179.3 lbs on day 20 of my challenge.) 4 lbs heavier than when I started the challenge.  Doesn’t sound too good.

I should mention that some of that is muscle developed since my last post, with a few strength gains in the chest and back and shoulders. As I recall, I wasn’t doing too much weights during the challenge. So rather than being a total disaster, I have built a bit of strength and proven that over 3 weeks, even without much in the way of cardio and weight training, I can shed almost 12 lbs.

So. From now on, daily reports. Although if my wife goes into labour in the next few weeks, that might prove a minor distraction. I won’t box myself into a rigid time-frame, on this occasion and will try to follow the rules below:

  • Daily reporting on the blog;
  • Low carb, high protein meals;
  • Extra water – 2 litres;
  • No crap food unless it be the cheat day;
  • Cheat days are not to be abused as a goddammed crazy motherf@$king bingefest which makes my work colleagues think I have an eating disorder, just a sensible controlled reward;
  • Twice weekly gym sessions (interval cardio and weights), and
  • Supplement exercise with evening and weekend activities (currently inspired by – at a purely visceral level of course)

Ok. That’s it for now. Tomorrow morning, the weigh in and maybe a protein shake (soy isolate, milk & a tiny bit o’ choc topping). Stew for lunch, beefy & hearty and definitely no carbs after 4pm.


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