Another meaningless day

Wife in the hospital.

Visiting is bittersweet as the damn place is depressing as hell, but at least I get to see her and she is in the safest place if things move to a head. Home is lonely and comforting at the same time. I would hate to see me as a bachelor now. Messy business. 27 weeks is too early.

Weigh in 190.08 lbs. Today was stew, steak, cauliflower and broccoli, an apple, some muesli bars. Some stray chocolate my wife fed me.   It will be a great  relief when the boys arrive and we can face a different set of challenges. BTW, too much red wine, but don’t tell the missus, she thinks I am a latent alcoholic anyway.

I have no concept of how things will change. I really don’t think I have grasped how different things will be and  what I will be gaining and losing.


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