I’m a daddy

17 days old, two boys. A bit premmie, but doing well and back (finally!) in our home town from the big smoke. I’ve been living out of a suitcase for the last few weeks and the missus and I have just moved back in tonight with the kids at the local hospital until they whack on some weight.

Which is, incidentally, the relevant to the purpose of this blog. Weight. I do not do well without routine and can say with no small disgust that the old weight is up to 198.22 lbs. Junk food, no cooking facilities, odd hours and bad sleep. The joys of being away from home.

Anyway, I don’t feel like moaning and will simply resume my grand plan to  live a healthy life and be the weight I want to be. From tonight it is good food again, home cooking and simpl & healthy meals. Back to work until the tackers come home from hospital, so gym and no carbs. I have some considerable work to do as I haven’t been this heavy since coming back from overseas and that is not good.

Regular updates to come.


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