3 weeks before going abck to work

2nd day after my circuit trial and shitey are things tender. Strange, after 30, DOMS seems to take longer to kick in. Yesterday I was a wee bit tender and today is much moreso. In years past, the tenderness was always worse the day after that initial workout.

Weigh in was 87.5kg. I’m sick of converting to pounds for a blog that no one reads but me so stiff.

Might try the circuit again tomorrow. Eating properly today refried beans, lentils and frozen vegies.


Finnigan Begin-again

Here are the crib notes…

Boys are home, about 15 weeks old (about 5 weeks corrected). Doing well and so are we, despite having to make the usual adjustments and having our own unique experiences and frustrations. Happy they are here and healthy.

195.36 lbs this morning after a significant binge day including Indian food and a disgustingly evil ice-cream concoction involving three types of confectionery. Today I have been just on liquids and a wee bit of cheese.

Interestingly, now my shed has been built I have a place to do some circuit work and created the first circuit workout and put it to the test after many weeks of too little sleep, too much food and too little activity. Gotta love babies…


  • 10 x chin-ups
  • 30 x push-ups
  • 10 x lateralĀ  raises (10 kilo dumbbells)
  • 10 x hanging leg raises
  • 20 x body weight lunges
  • 10 x burpees
  • 10 x biceps curls (10 kilo dumbbells)
  • 10 x overhead triceps extensions (10 kilo dumbbells)
  • 10 x dumbbell presses (10 kilo dumbbells)
  • 20 x knee-to-elbow crunches

Tonight was the first of this routine and I managed to do 2 circuits in approx 17 minutes and 35 seconds. The first circuit took about 6-7 mins after which I was knackered. Not easy starting from scratch, but hopefully I can get into it before returning to work and inch closer to my target weight of 176 lbs.